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Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 9 11:10:16 EDT 2005

Paul Spencer wrote:
> Of course, this is just me and my (unfunded and currently funded) 
> priorities.  These can be changed by funding opportunities and 
> contributions from others in the community.

Well, my opinion is that there is a need for a very light-weight and 
high performance ka-Map, the main driver for developing ka-Map at DMSG 
was to deliver high-performance apps that systems such as Chameleon just 
could not handle. The first real life test for ka-Map has been to 
migrate a site that was previously built with Chameleon to ka-Map and it 
was able to serve 80,000 unique visitors and 10 million tiles in 3 days. 
  That's more than 10 times what a Chameleon-style of app can do on the 
same hardware.

For this reason I am not too keen on seeing all Chameleon functionality 
and client-side OGC services support (another request that comes up 
often) being migrated in ka-Map as this would be effectively bloating it 
and we would inevitably lose the high performance over time. plus 
MapBuilder is already there for that kind of stuff.

Integrating ka-Map's tiled map handling fetures inside Chameleon and 
MapBuilder would probably be a better way to go, but as Paul wrote 
that's not a trivial job.

My 0.02$

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