[ka-Map-users] realeases

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Sep 12 12:12:03 EDT 2005

Thanks Paul, we'll be pleased for the keymap tool, I'm sure you are
right for the CVS version we are using an old one.

"For the measure tool, I don't see anything on the map, should I?"
watch, on the bottom of the page. after you drag and release you must
see: "measure is: XXXXXXX.XX"

tanks for the icons, I'll put a disclaimer.

Me and Andrea will test all other points.


ps: Pete, I don't write you directly because your server don't accept
dynamic smtp dealers. 

Il giorno lun, 12/09/2005 alle 11.51 -0400, Paul Spencer ha scritto:
> Hi Lorenzo,
> this is timely.  I just snagged a copy of your kaKeymap.js and am 
> putting it in CVS (hopefully that is okay with you?)
> The code has some problems on my system, for instance the extents shift 
> after you 'drag and drop', not sure why.  Could be changes I've made to 
> cvs after your version?  I'll see if I can fix it up.
> No problem using the icons from hawaii demo ... perhaps just include an 
> acknowledgment in the help doc or something.
> I've created a generic query tool that provides both point and rectangle 
> capabilities ... it generates a KAMAP_QUERY event that you can use to 
> trigger some sort of query to happen.
> You should be able to use it in place of queryTool.js
> For the measure tool, I don't see anything on the map, should I?
> For the functions that you would like to use, I would prefer that you 
> start using events and provide event handlers that do things to update 
> stuff on the page.
> See the new kaQuery.js file for an example.
> Cheers
> Paul

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