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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Sep 12 11:51:31 EDT 2005

Hi Lorenzo,

this is timely.  I just snagged a copy of your kaKeymap.js and am 
putting it in CVS (hopefully that is okay with you?)

The code has some problems on my system, for instance the extents shift 
after you 'drag and drop', not sure why.  Could be changes I've made to 
cvs after your version?  I'll see if I can fix it up.

No problem using the icons from hawaii demo ... perhaps just include an 
acknowledgment in the help doc or something.

I've created a generic query tool that provides both point and rectangle 
capabilities ... it generates a KAMAP_QUERY event that you can use to 
trigger some sort of query to happen.

You should be able to use it in place of queryTool.js

For the measure tool, I don't see anything on the map, should I?

For the functions that you would like to use, I would prefer that you 
start using events and provide event handlers that do things to update 
stuff on the page.

See the new kaQuery.js file for an example.



Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> Ok Paul, when I asked that question I just wanted to see where everybody
> where intended to go.
> Now it seems we have some opinions and I agree to leave KaMap as faster
> as possible.
> I have no experience with Chamaleon or Mapbuilder and maybe it's time I
> study a bit more.
> :-)
> with andrea we are now trying to create a better interface and to refine
> our code.
> I've copied icons from chamaleon demo, let me know if I can not.
> We started using katools like, maybe, they have to be used (have a look,
> please):
> there are some funcions that we would like to include in kaTool.js (like
> rischio_getCoord(e) and rischio_printCoord(e)) to avoid tricky solutions
> calling it from other tools.
> Maybe we can do rischio_printCoord with a param that ask for the HTML
> objecct id to write in.
> ciao
> Lorenzo
> Il giorno dom, 11/09/2005 alle 22.24 -0400, Paul Spencer ha scritto:
>>Well, personally I think it would be better to look at the MapBuilder 
>>model than the Chameleon model (even though I designed and wrote most of 
>>I'm certainly willing to accept any contributions, however ... so if you 
>>come up with something that works and want to contribute it, I'll check 
>>it out and check it in ;)

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