[ka-Map-users] table-free layout, DHTML improvements

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sat Sep 17 13:43:25 EDT 2005

Something more.
Toggle reference is indipendent from all this stuff and it can be
implemented to toggle everything an set the viewport to full screen.

Talking about the "pages" toggler, it seems is easier if I explain how
to use it.

to add a new "page":
1) in index.html at at the bottom this few lines:
<script type="text/javascript">
getExternalHtml('help1.html', 'help');
<div id="help" class="invisible"></div>
naturally you have to change "help" and "help1.html" with you choice.

2) in index.html ad this code in the otherStuff div (header):
<a onmouseup="toggleContentLayer('help');" title="something"><span class="clickable">help</span></a>

3) in the drawPage() function add some makeup:
	var help = getObject('help');
    help.height = (getObjectHeight( 'viewport' )) + "px";
	help.top = reference.top;
	help.left = (0)+"px";
	help.width = (browserWidth-4)+"px";

4) in the CSS add the object like this:
#help,#who,#greetings {
	position: absolute;
	border:1px solid black;

at the moment all pages are download all together with the home page 
but it seems simple to download pages just when somebody click on the button.

1) it's easy to see how to develop the entire site inside KaMap
2) clean  code in index.html 

1) very bad accessibility. Even search engine will never see your contents. You can solve
 putting page code directly in the index.html but it's quite weird.
2)at the moment you can't use keybord commands to pan the div text. It's triggered by kaMap.

that's enough

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