[ka-Map-users] table-free layout, DHTML improvements

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sat Sep 17 11:35:51 EDT 2005

Today in Barcelona it is raining, so:

A) trying to explain:

1) help button.
if you click on help button (top right) it will toggle Content Layer
where Viewport and Reference are and will show the help page charged on
the fly.

2) toggle reference.
if you click on "toggle reference" button (top right) it will toggle, if
is there, Reference and resize the Viewport.

B) how it works:
1) I've added some functions in the externalFuncions.js
2) I've added a div called "content" that contains Viewport and 3)
Reference divs. In this way we have a HTML structure: header, content,
3) I've added a div called help where I charge the innerHTML from the
file help1.html
4) I've changed something in the external CSS and put class "visible" or
"invisible" to elements.

scripts are wrote as faster as possible. If there is an interest we can
work on it.


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