[ka-Map-users] Using multiple file-formats in a single map object.

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 16 16:31:06 EDT 2005


the most recent CVS version has this capability (contributed by  
Jacob, thanks).  You enable it by setting metadata on the first layer  
in any group ... search the mail archive or look in the comments in  
config.php for details



On 16-Sep-05, at 4:32 PM, Jeremy Malczyk wrote:

> Is it possible to have ka-map display two layers in differing file
> formats? I have two layers within the same map object that work  
> best in
> different formats (one compresses much better with jpeg, the other is
> already small and looks better as png or gif). The problem is that as
> soon as I select this map ALL layers are drawn in the format specified
> in config.php. I've considered separating them into different map
> objects, but ka-map only uses one at a time, so that wouldn't work ...
> right? Ideally, I think the file format of a layer should be
> configurable from the  API via a setLayerImgFormat() sort of function.
> This would require passing another parameter to tile.php that  
> overrides
> the format specified in config.php.
> Ideas?
> Jeremy
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