[ka-Map-users] table-free layout, DHTML improvements

Peter Giencke pgiencke at glc.org
Sat Sep 17 18:12:38 EDT 2005

Lorenzo et al,

It's raining here in Ann Arbor too, so I had a chance to play around with
this. It seems to work just fine in FF, but in IE it doesn't want to
're-toggle' the reference pane after toggling it and then un-toggling it. 

Also in IE, I noticed that after you refresh the page, the map is recentered
much south of the original map center (on the initial load of the map). Oh,
and for some reason, the reference items don't show up either after you
reload the page in IE. Actually, I just realized they don't show up in my
ka-maps either after I reload them. Can anyone verify that it's just not my
instance of IE causing this.


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Hope this is the last one about it.

I've added "full screen".

to do this  I've moved the toolbar from header to viewport.

now you can indipendently toggle the viewport fullscreen or the reference.

Paul, I've finally seen you've already added a toggle function.
You use visibilty, I use display.
Not much different, you choose.

waiting for feedback

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