[ka-Map-users] table-free layout, DHTML improvements

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sat Sep 17 20:38:54 EDT 2005

Hi Pete,
thank you once again.
I've tested under Safari/OsX and it has minor bugs.
I was expecting IE will give some problems.
In my home I have no Windows. I'm happy it's a long time I don't have to
install such an OS.
KaMap, anyway, is a good excuse to try.
I'm trying to emulate a windows and see what happens. I've found a disk
but I'm not sure it works.

We mainly need to face IE.
I've fear it's not just your IE.
It seems interesting to devide a  function from the other.
If you have much time it will be nice to know:
1)problems related with reload
2) problems related with toggle of reference
3) problems related with toggle to fullscreen
4) problems related with page toggle.

maybe I had to do a step before the others but when I've tried the
fullscreen I was excited and I had to publish.


Il giorno sab, 17/09/2005 alle 18.12 -0400, Peter Giencke ha scritto: 
> Lorenzo et al,
> It's raining here in Ann Arbor too, so I had a chance to play around with
> this. It seems to work just fine in FF, but in IE it doesn't want to
> 're-toggle' the reference pane after toggling it and then un-toggling it. 
> Also in IE, I noticed that after you refresh the page, the map is recentered
> much south of the original map center (on the initial load of the map). Oh,
> and for some reason, the reference items don't show up either after you
> reload the page in IE. Actually, I just realized they don't show up in my
> ka-maps either after I reload them. Can anyone verify that it's just not my
> instance of IE causing this.
> -pete
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> Hope this is the last one about it.
> I've added "full screen".
> to do this  I've moved the toolbar from header to viewport.
> now you can indipendently toggle the viewport fullscreen or the reference.
> Paul, I've finally seen you've already added a toggle function.
> You use visibilty, I use display.
> Not much different, you choose.
> waiting for feedback
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