[ka-Map-users] table-free layout, DHTML improvements

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Sep 19 10:10:59 EDT 2005

Thank you Paul.
My first try to install windows on linux/ppc has been painful and, for 
a while, I'll look for a different solution.

Let me see. I'll be pleased to go on this direction.

IE refresh problem was solved until I didn't add the toggle system. I 
guess it is a problem with css display command but I have to try.
Andrea confirmed me that the CVS version with my HTML code was working 
I'm thinking in a solution that move object tracking their position. 
For each object we need X,Y,Z, width and height than we can move them 
as we want. To let then disappear it can just move them out of the view 
or behind in the z index.
Need a while to think it. I have to do some other works.


Il giorno 19/set/05, alle 14:02, Paul Spencer ha scritto:

> Lorenzo,
> sorry, was offline for the weekend so I am just looking at this now.  
> Very nice :)
> I've got some other ideas of things we could do with this, but for now 
> it is a great start.
> I don't have time to debug the IE problems this week, but if you can 
> work on those I'd be happy to make this the default index.html in CVS 
> once the problems are worked out.
> ... with one exception ... the IE refresh problem has been around for 
> a while and I don't think that is an issue with this specific 
> template.  I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but I *think* it 
> is due to a number of DOM <-> javascript references that need to be 
> unhooked in the unload event of the page.  If there are any js 
> geniuses out there that understand this stuff, I'd be happy for some 
> pointers/help!
> Cheers
> Paul

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