[ka-Map-users] Same API, but map images instead of tiles

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Mon Sep 19 18:11:07 EDT 2005

Hi Joe: Javascript is ton's of fun- really. It just sucks to debug some times...

I haven't looked at Paul's code but I imagine it would be possible to extend the geo object class just a bit to make it possible to have (if not already there):

  - relative coordinates (relative to the viewport)
  - dynamic (ka-map aware) URLs
  - visibility? (so you could control via a legend)

In theory you could have many geo objects at the same point all drawing content from multiple places and each kept up-to-date via ka-map. 

That said, you're treading very close to the point where ka-map may not be the best interface choice. The UI is so responsive it is really tempting as a user to make a zillion small tweaks to the viewport. With much non-tiled content you loose the exact reason you chose ka-map in the first place.


>>> Joe Franklin <traderboy at yahoo.com> 09/19/05 2:32 PM >>>
That's what I'm trying to do.  I want to be able to
display/hide vector layers listed in the legend
without creating all the tiles for the vectors.  I
created a drawing canvas that retrieves the
vector-only layers whenever the map extent is changed.
 The advantage I see is that I only have to create
tiles for my raster background.  I can then draw all
the vector layers separately and return them in one
gif/png.  Plus I can get images from a WMS as well. 
It looks like it can be done without adding too much
code (javascript is not a lot of fun!)  Does this make
sense to separate the raster and vector layers?  

Steve (hmm, lots of steves in this group)

>>I wonder if you couldn't just take advantage of
ka-map's feature drawing
>>ability (it has that right?). That is, tie a URL
(more precisely a URL template)
>>to the center of the view port (image coords) and
that URL generates a
>>map the same size as the viewport. You could have a
template model that
>>would allow access to the viewport size and current
>>  e.g.
>>If you could  control a features z-index then you
could use this to place 
>>background or foreground maps. This would be kinda
like MapServer's 
>>inline layers. Wouldn't impact the tiling at all...

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