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Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Sep 21 15:13:08 EDT 2005

Hi Telonio,

The big problem with ka-Map is that it needs LOTS of disk space for 
caching tiles. It will really depend on the amount of spatial coverage 
you plan to have and the number of zoom scales and MOST important on 
your smallest zoom scale, for North America the tile cache could grow to 
2-4TB depending zoom scales. You can probably get away with a lot less 
if you aggressively manage you tile cache, but this is at the expense of 
needing to generate more tiles on the fly when you hit areas outside the 
current cache.

-Steve W.

Telonio wrote:
> I want to host ka-Map & Mapserver on a VPS - Virtual Private Server. I  
> will use FGS to install it.
> This type of hosting typically has the following options
> Ram: 64, 128, 256MB
> DiskSpace: 1GB, 5GB, 10GB
> Data Transfer: 20, 500, 100GB
> * Does anyone have experience of what are the minimum requirements for  
> running ka-Map/Ajax?
> * The site will essentially be for testing with a maximum of 2/3  
> concurrent users.
> * Is dedicated Mapserver hosting a better alternative? I don't operate 
> in  hard currency so the budget is $15/month maxmax.
> Thanks!
> Telonio
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