[ka-Map-users] getting to list of layers

Charlton Purvis cplist at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 21 15:36:16 EDT 2005

Hi, folks:

I'm a novice w/ JS, so I'm sure this is a -101 question (give me Perl and/or
PHP anytime).

I want to be able to get to the list of layers that are active now that I'm
using the latest CVS that provides the nice myQuery out of the box.  The
params passed to it are the eventID, queryType, and coords.  I'd also like
to get hold of the active layers so that I know what results to return.

Poking around I see something like . . .

  var layers = oMap.getLayers();

. . . but I don't think I understand the scope/inheritance of JS because it
doesn't like it when I plug that inside of the myQuery function in
index.html.  I've tried myKaMap.getLayers(), but no dice there, either.

Any help appreciated.


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