[ka-Map-users] query capability update

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 23 08:40:16 EDT 2005


I've added a few more things for supporting query capability to cvs,  

1) the concept of queryable versus non-queryable layers (settable via  
metadata in the map file - use "queryable" "true" in the first layer  
in a group to mark the group as queryable)

2) a modification to kaLegend.js to show the queryability of layers.

3) a modification to kaLegend.js to allow toggling of queryable  
layers to be included or not in a query.  Note that layers that are  
not queryable cannot be toggled, they are never included in a query  
(through this api).  Queryable layers can be included or not.

4) added some basic icons for the above ... they will change shortly  
when Fred gets a chance to edit them.

5) added an API for getting/setting queryability of layers

var oMap = myKaMap.getCurrentMap();
var aQueryableLayers = oMap->getQueryableLayers();


Its probably a bit unstable right now, but if you have a tolerance  
for pain, give it a shot :)


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