[ka-Map-users] Query tool question (make it resizable?)

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Sep 27 11:56:09 EDT 2005

I don't believe I've seen a query tool that works this way before.   
You could probably modify the existing query tool to do what you  
want, but it will be tricky to make it moveable/resizeable.  It would  
be trivial to leave the query rectangle on the map after mouseup and  
to provide a clear capability.  I would start there and then go on to  
see if you can make it resize.



On 27-Sep-05, at 11:51 AM, Clark Endrizzi wrote:

> Hi,
> Every other feature I've thought I might need to implement has  
> either been implemented or trivial to do some other way than I was  
> thinking.  With this in mind, the default query tool doesn't quite  
> work the way I'd like it to so I'm curious if there is any easy way  
> to make it work this way (described below).
> I would rather the query stay where it is and make it resizable.   
> After the resize it would return the coordinates just like it is  
> now.  If the user want to do a different query region altogether  
> they would use the query tool and draw another and/or there could  
> be a clear button.  This could be done quite well using the  
> availabe cursors and stuff but I imagine knowing whether you're at  
> the border won't be as trivial as my image question.  Has it been  
> done?
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> -Clark Endrizzi
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