[ka-Map-users] transformToDocument PBM in IE 6.0

moccand at free.fr moccand at free.fr
Wed Sep 28 18:16:26 EDT 2005

Hi !

i had a kind of "compatibily mistake" (with IE 6) and and i can't find where :

var oXmlDoc = Sarissa.getDomDocument();
oXmlDoc.async = false;
var oXslDoc = Sarissa.getDomDocument();
oXslDoc.async = false;

var processor = new XSLTProcessor();
var oHtmlDoc = processor.transformToDocument(oXmlDoc);

// in order to display it in the <DIV id="conteneur"></DIV> :
document.getElementById('conteneur').innerHTML = Sarissa.serialize(oHtmlDoc);

It works fine within the very last FireFox Download ... but not within IE 6 !
I have no Javascript error, but the Sarissa.serialize(oHtmlDoc) return a blank
string !

Does anyone can help me ?

here are my files :

thanks !


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