[ka-Map-users] tile_source [auto|cache|redraw]

Sten-Helge Henriksen stenhh at gossipwall.com
Sun Apr 2 01:33:38 EST 2006

Hi list!

In init.php it is described tree options for rendering tiles. If I want to
use the cache feature, a web accessible cache must also be defined in
config.php ($szBaseWebCache). As far as I understand it, this should give
a much faster response when requesting a new scale.
But how is this meant to be set up. And what is the connection between the
two variables $szBaseCacheDir which is default set to "/tmp/kacache/" and
$szBaseWebCache which is default set to "kacache/"? Should this two
directories be separated or can they be the same?

Sten-Helge Henriksen

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