[ka-Map-users] rubberband zoom

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Apr 4 16:05:15 EDT 2006

Welcome back Pete!

as usual, you did a great work.

I'm traveling around Dominican Republic so I have many problems of  
internet connection.
I've tried to do some debugging on your application but I'm sure I'm  
missing something.

1) zoom in
Works great with Firefox but I have some problems with Safari that I  
still can say what...

2) legend

I like dragging. It  would be nice to let all object move freely.

I like links as you put. Maybe it could be nice to create a frame  
(maybe the tooltip or maybe something more appropriate -> an iframe  
in the tooltip...) to show the external content directly inside the  

we should also think about a "double click" action to roll up the  
legend living only the header (Layer Control).

some problems with Safari:
1) I'm not able to toggle visibility checkbox. That's a problem I've  
tried to face when I was working with the d&d for layers. You need a  
delay between the click and start grabbing the layer... but this  
changes a lot from browser to browser.
A trick could be to make dragable only the header .

hope to offer a better service soon


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