[ka-Map-users] Bad arguments init.php and search

Pēteris Brūns peteris.bruns at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 06:27:05 EDT 2006

I have somewhere something forgot or...I have done everything like in 
redme but.. I'm using the old Ka-map version and there everything works 
fine but the new with the some map file and  with default gmap example 
in init.php prints me Warning:

    Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in
    C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\ka-map\htdocs\init.php on line 113
    /*init*/aszScales=new Array('');var map = new
    = 72;this.addMap( map
    );this.tileWidth=200;this.tileHeight=200;this.server =
    'http://localhost/ka-map/htdocs/';this.tileURL =

with my old ka-map version 2006/02/07 everything works and init.php 
result is:

    /*init*/aszScales=new Array(15000000,7500000,3000000,1000000);var
    map = new _map( 'gmap', 'GMap', 0, 3,
    _layer( '__base__', true, 100, 'gif',false, new
    Array(1,1,1,1)));map.resolution = 72;this.addMap( map
    );aszScales=new Array(150000,75000,30000,10000);var map = new _map(
    'kmap', 'KMap', 0, 3,
    _layer( '__base__', true, 100, 'png',false, new
    Array(1,1,1,1)));map.resolution = 72;this.addMap( map
    );this.tileWidth=200;this.tileHeight=200;this.server =
    'http://localhost/ka-map-old/';this.tileURL =

on linux i have not yet tested.

Question abaut search in ka-map.
I  have created small search for ka-map. With the possibilities - go to 
object extent. Main problem is to define query field. In this moment it 
is deffined in tn the search.php file but it cud be faster and better to 
define it in map file. something like " Queryable"  " true" cud be 
"searchfield" "field_name".
Have someone created something like this and is it good to put in 
mapfile metadata "searchfield" ??


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