[ka-Map-users] Namibia Map

chrigu chrigu at big5.ch
Thu Apr 13 19:35:13 EDT 2006


On my server http://www.big5.ch:8080/ka-map/ I have an image of a map. This
is just one big image with no additional layers. Now I have several

1) Quality of the Output image
After playing around and getting some help I have a map with a medium
quality (at the beginning it was bad). I changed to JPEG and use PROCESSING
"RESAMPLE=AVERAGE". In my map file I also have the settings for jpeg. But it
seems the quality will not be used.

      NAME jpeg
      MIMETYPE "image/jpeg"
      EXTENSION "jpg"

Is there anything I can do to improve the output quality? For me it looks
like JPEG compression problems.

2) Map and Reference do not match
The map and the Reference do not match. I have no idea how the EXTENT has to
be set. At the moment both have the same values. Is there a easy way to set
the EXTENT values just for a one layer map and the reference?

3) I have this map as EPS. Would it be better to use this as a input-file
instead of a TIF or PNG?

Thanks for all your help

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