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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
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1) not sure about this.  I'm not sure if the output format is case  
sensitive but ka-Map will use JPEG rather than jpeg.  Try changing  
the output format in your map file to upper case.  Also, between map  
file changes you will need to delete everything in both your browser  
cache and the kacache directory.

Also, my experience with JPEG is that this is pretty typical.  You  
may get better quality out of PNG24.

2) the extents in your reference obj need to match the image.  The  
aspect ratio of the extents has to be the same as the image size.  If  
you use mapserver to generate the keymap image, you may have  
requested extents that don't match the image size and mapserver  
silently adjusts the extents for you.

3) it would be better to use a tiff and to optimize it using gdal  
(there are some howtos on this on the mapserver site)



On 13-Apr-06, at 7:35 PM, chrigu wrote:

> Hi
> On my server http://www.big5.ch:8080/ka-map/ I have an image of a  
> map. This
> is just one big image with no additional layers. Now I have several
> problems.
> 1) Quality of the Output image
> After playing around and getting some help I have a map with a medium
> quality (at the beginning it was bad). I changed to JPEG and use  
> "RESAMPLE=AVERAGE". In my map file I also have the settings for  
> jpeg. But it
> seems the quality will not be used.
>       NAME jpeg
>       DRIVER "GD/JPEG"
>       MIMETYPE "image/jpeg"
>       EXTENSION "jpg"
> Is there anything I can do to improve the output quality? For me it  
> looks
> like JPEG compression problems.
> 2) Map and Reference do not match
> The map and the Reference do not match. I have no idea how the  
> EXTENT has to
> be set. At the moment both have the same values. Is there a easy  
> way to set
> the EXTENT values just for a one layer map and the reference?
> 3) I have this map as EPS. Would it be better to use this as a  
> input-file
> instead of a TIF or PNG?
> Thanks for all your help
> Chrigu
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