[ka-Map-users] kaXmlSvg

Wei Yang, Ng - Wayne wayne at datalinktech.com.au
Thu Apr 27 19:46:18 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,
        I am attaching a copy of my kaXmlOverlay.js code. The 
changes/additions have been marked with my name "wayne". Or you could 
search for kaXmlSVG.
I am also attaching a SVG file for you to test out. The usage is pretty 
similar with kaXmlIcon and friends. Notice that I had to use the embed 
element in order to display SVG in IE. The code has also been tested 
with Firefox but it seems that IE is able to render the SVG elements 
much quicker. Opera renders the SVG elements but shows white around it. 
Please do give your  comments and opinions (good or bad :)).
        Pg are you experimenting with the canvas tag element?


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