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Pedro Garcia pedro.gspace at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 10:04:22 EDT 2006


I had tested the precache2.php and it works well. I didn't had
time enough to test and debug, but it seems it's fine. I had
problems with precache.php, not precache2.php.

I tested with a map with 2 layers. A raster ikonos image and
a vector layer, with 3 scales.

I have 2 comments:

1) I had problem with operation timeout, but this was a php
   configuration problem. The operation was taking more
   than 30 secs and php refuse it. Only you have to do is
   change this option in php.ini file.

2) A suggestion: it would be nice to have a option in precache
    to only calculate the number of tiles and the total size for
    precaching the whole map (or some specified layers). This
    would be great for server specification planning, because
    when you start to develop a GIS application in ka-Map,
    and start planning, is hard to estimate how big (and
    how "powerful") your server should be.

I will test the precache2.php more times in the next days
so later I will post more comments here.


Pedro Garcia.

2006/4/21, Tim Schaub <tim at commenspace.org>:
> If anybody is interested in testing out a new precache script, I've added
> precache2.php to CVS.  This version should be quite a bit faster than the
> old version as it doesn't rely on creating tiles by calling tile.php.
> Run "php precache2.php -h" from the command line to see usage.
> As a note of caution, this script has caused me some trouble on a Windows
> XP machine with mapserver 4.8.1.  However, it works well on Linux with
> 4.6.1.
> Thanks for any feedback.  If it looks like it works for others, I'll
> replace the old precache.php with this one.
> Tim
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