[ka-Map-users] External link to control Map scroll & Polygon overla

Pg pg.navone at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 06:08:51 EDT 2006

2006/8/3, Alvin Clay <orionkamap at yahoo.com>:
> 2) I'd like to draw a semi-transparent circle on the map overlay that has a
> certain radius and center point. Is there a way in the xmlOverlay to include
> a polygon that is a circle and has a certain radius in miles?
> Thanks,
>  Alvin

There isn't a pre-cooked function.

A possible solution is to write a script that calculates the circle
(approximated with an n-edge polygon) and produces a polygon or
linestring directive usable by kaXmlOverlay.

Another solution is to reuse part of the code on kaXmlOverlay
(particularly the methods kaXmlSymbol.prototype.draw_*) to draw the
circle with the calculated radius: in this case you have to provide
the handling for scale changes.

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