[ka-Map-users] External link to control Map scroll & Polygon overlay

Alvin Clay orionkamap at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 3 02:52:01 EDT 2006

two questions  (unrelated):

1) I am displaying ka-map on a page with a bunch of overlay points. Underneath the  ka-map div I have a table that displays information about those points. Is there a way to be able to click on a link in each table row and have the map scroll to that point. I'm not sure what javascript function I need to use within the onClick event handler in each link to control the map scrolling. The link in the table can easily include the lat,lon coordinates where the point is located if that helps.

2) I'd like to draw a semi-transparent circle on the map overlay that has a certain radius and center point. Is there a way in the xmlOverlay to include a polygon that is a circle and has a certain radius in miles?


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