[ka-Map-users] Re: ka-map short term future [ was: Drawing polygon in ka-map]

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Thu Aug 10 17:17:38 EDT 2006


Thank you for outlining your plan. It makes perfect sense now that I see 
your bigger picture. I am amazed at all the wonderful contributions you, 
Andrea and others are making in ka-map. I owe you many thanks and only 
wanted to put another vote for this feature in case that mattered with 
the priorities. I agree working on 1.0 should be the priority :)

Best regards,

Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>  >  I think the challenge for us is to find good work-a-rounds  so we 
> can move forward with building tools.
> Hi Stephen, you are right in this point too.
> In the next future I'll have to face many little enhancements related to 
> actual interface.
> I would like to offer a comfortable interface for most users.
> Most features are already ok, I think, but I'll love to refine 
> Identify/query system and the search system. With Andrea we are working 
> an independent hilite system that's mostly developed. This should be 
> called from a query table or from the search table independently, I 
> guess this will be nice.
> Then I guess we miss only two stupid features: navigation history and 
> measure function.
> the first one is simple but has the risk to add another calculation over 
> the event extent_changed that's already charged (in my opinion).
> the second one need a technology to draw lines that should be vectorial 
> and it's once again not clear. Maybe PG ObjectOverlay API is perfect for 
> this job.
> who want's to work on this is welcome.
> All features like editing vectorial elements should start to be 
> evaluated after version 1.0 is out and stable.
> I'll surely love to put my hands on that code!
> ciao
> Lorenzo

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