[ka-Map-users] ka-Map 1.0 beta 1 released

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Aug 17 08:46:24 EDT 2006

I've very happy to announce that, due the outstanding efforts of all  
ka-Map developers, we are now releasing a first beta version of 1.0  
of ka-Map.  This latest release sports an entirely new interface and  
icon set, a new search system, a print system, a tooltip system, and  
a new overlay system based on XML.

If you are currently using 0.1 or 0.2 version, you will need to  
update you configuration file when updating to this version.

We would really like to release 1.0 final in a fairly short timeframe  
so please update, test and provide us with feedback.

Downloads are available from:


Thank you,

the ka-Map developers


Changes from the history file are:

- kaExplorer has a setContent(url) function to inject long text in  
inside window.
- kaExplorer is the new interface. Old interface is now index_aqua.html
- simple search system based on queryByAttributes has been added.   
tools/search/kaSearch.php to refine output
- print system added. Default outputs: GIF,JPEG,PNG,GeoTIFF,  
formatted PDF.
- rubber zoom added.
- "link to this view" function added.
- bug 1512: added group access control based on Apache Basic  
- bug 1374, implementation of a tooltip system
- bug 1315, implemented new event, KAMAP_METAEXTENTS_CHANGED, and  
kaMap.getMetaExtents() to track extents of all loaded tiles.  This is  
designed to support server side overlay logic.
- bug 1333, fixed formatting of several javascript files to work with  
- bug 1350, modified structure of aszMapFile array in config.php
- bug 1351, modified constructors for _map and _layer to be more  
flexible for future capabilities
- bug 1352, implemented new event KAMAP_MAP_CLICKED for handling  
single clicks on the map, to allow simple queries and point overlay  
- bug 1290, implemented force_redraw option
- bug 1313, query system implemented. map_query_float.php to  
customize response.
- added index_overlay.html and Overlay Functions. Alpha version
- bug 1297, added Link To This View capability
- added CIABOT to ka-map cvs repository and email ka-map-dev
- fixed bug 1285, infinite loop caused by having only one scale in  
- bug 1283, added support for limiting map movement beyond max  
extents set via metadata in the map file.
- bug 1284, added precache.php script back into cvs

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