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Christopher Brown chris at basebloc.com
Fri Aug 25 05:26:09 EDT 2006

Hi Steve,


Thanks for the explanation, I thought it was calculating meters per pixel,
but then when I was feeding the numbers into var cpX = cgX / this.cellSize,
the value for cpX looked way to small, but I was just given a geography 101
by my GIS buddy who explained to me the sparingly obvious, the x0 for meters
is in fact the nearest zone to the west which in our case is somewhere in
Thailand and not Greenwich (as I stupidly thought, even though the meter
extents were only in the hundreds of thousands!) explaining why the numbers
were so small for the current dataset I'm using. So now I will have to write
an apology email to my old maths teacher for discrediting her on the
internet and a complaint letter to my former geography teacher ;-)





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