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Martijn van Exel M.vanExel at bridgis.nl
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I'm creating a web app that allows users to geocode through a ka-map

I got the technical stuff, only the aesthetics are an issue now.
Actually, two issues. 


One: In IE6, with (point) query mode enabled, a click in the map draws a
vertical bar from the clicked point down. Firefox draws a point, th
expected behaviour.

I think this has to do with the odd assumption IE makes that a <div>
should at least be high enough to contain a line of text.

To work around this, the definition of the element could be dependent on
the query type (point or rect) in kaQuery lines 112+. (version 0.2). For
a point, a small circle (possibly a character?) could be drawn. I tried
a quick workaround but I'm not much of a DOM expert, so my question
would be whether anyone else can aome up with something, or has.


Two: the selection is a few pixels off, it seems. In IE, the selection
marker appears about 3 pixels right and down from the clicked point. In
FF, it seems to be more accurate but still not entirely. Is this a known
issue or did I screw up something tweaking the default page layout?




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