[ka-Map-users] Problems with addObjectGeo again.

Samuel Doyle sdoyle_2 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 25 14:34:00 EDT 2006

It's mapped to the adjustPixPosition in kaTool.


Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt at crschmidt.net> wrote: On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 10:42:24AM -0700, Samuel Doyle wrote:
> Has anyone else encountered this? Is this something I need to manually compensate for?
> Samuel Doyle  wrote: Hi,
> I keep running into this problem and it behaves different on both Firefox and IE.
> I want to add an icon to the map based on where the user has clicked. I use the following procedure which I am hoping is correct since I have noticed it used before.
> incidentViewer.prototype.ondblclick = function(e)
> {
>     e = (e)?e:((event)?event:null);
>     var aPixPos = this.adjustPixPosition( e.clientX, e.clientY );
>     var geoCoo = this.kaMap.pixToGeo( aPixPos[0], aPixPos[1] );
>     this.gX = geoCoo[0];
>     this.gY = geoCoo[1];
>     // send to server here
>     ...
>    myKaMap.addObjectGeo( opener.iconFeatures, this.gY, this.gX, incident.img );
> }
> The offset of the icon always ends up incorrect from what it should be. Is this the correct procedure?

Whether this is correct or not would depend on what the code in
"this.adjustPixPosition" does. 

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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