[ka-Map-users] printing maps with added objects & printing transparent layers

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Aug 31 03:49:25 EDT 2006

Hi Donald,

 > What is the best way to print a map showing objects that have been  
added using
 > myKaMap.addObjectGeo( canvas, x, y, img );
 > print_map.php seems to just read the layers in the map file. How  
can I let it know that I have extra 'stuff'.

 From the code, as you've seen, it's clear that print_map.php need to  
have a mapfile as reference and then print the image as a normal  
mapserver instance.
If you want to add something that's not in your mapfile you should  
add it on the fly in print_map.php using mapscript.

 > On a different note, to take into account layer transparency I had  
to add
 > $opacity = $oLayer->getMetaData('opacity');
 > if($opacity != ''){
 >    $oLayer->set('transparency',$opacity);
 > }
 >when looping through the layers in print_map.php.

thanks, it sounds useful. I've forgot to put transparence reference  
in print_map.
Anyway I think there's something more to do: as you are doing  
trasparency is get only from the mapfile.
If you want ka-Map trasparency to be respected printing you'll need  
to pass this information from myPrint() function (startUp.js, pay  
attention to change the startUp.js you are including in your  
var params='map='+cMap+'&scale='+scale+'&img_width='+img_width 

should include, as example, the &trasparence=100,80,100,20 parameter  
to define each layer trasparency.
then you'll need to parse this string during your check looping layers.

If you have time to do this, please contribute your code.
I'll be happy to put this code in the CVS.


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