[ka-Map-users] scalebar strange behavior

Sacha Black sacha.black at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 19:59:02 EST 2006

thanks Tim,

i tested using your link and could not reproduce the problem there, so i did
a few further tests using the same map file in the various ka-map variants
that come in the ka-map package.

i found that the problem exists in many of the interface options but not

in particular the WMS and Overlay index files do not show this problem. in
these cases, the units of the scale bar never change between any of the zoom
levels (it remains in miles all the way from 1:5,000,000 to 1:5,000). it
looks like the WMS version still uses the old mapserver scalebar, while the
Overlay variant uses the javascript based scalebar.

however in the following variants the problem does occur: KaExplorer
(default), Kaqua, tootip, WFS, winman, winman2, query. In all these, the
scale bar changes units as the user zooms further in, and the progression of
units used is not intuitive... e.g. the progression from miles to feet to
inches to feet, or miles to inches to feet (not logical) vs. miles to feet
to inches (logical to me).

i should clarify that the scale being displayed is never wrong... just that
the unit progression is non-logical.

i also tested this with metric units, but the progression from kilometers to
meters to centimeters never seemed to behave unexpectedly (I took the ratio
all the way to 1:5 to check).

do you know how to turn off the units switching? i would be perfectly happy
to just utilize miles at all of my zoom levels.... heck i'd be happy to use
metric personally, but folks around here want english...

thanks for any advice,


On 12/15/06, Tim Schaub <noreply at geocartic.com> wrote:
>  Hi Sacha
> See if you can reproduce your problem here:
> http://tools.geocartic.com/scalebar
> If you don't know the minimum and maximum widths of your scale bar, you'll
> have to dig around in the code to find the defaults.
> If you get the scale bar to show inches when you don't want it to, you can
> respond to me directly.
> Thanks,
> Tim
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> i'm testing ka-map in ms4w. i noticed a strange behavior in the scalebar
> when it is set in "english" units.
> i have a series of set scales ranging from 1:5,000,000 to 1:5,000.
> when zooming in, the ka-map scalebar switches the units displayed from
> "miles" to "feet" when the scale hits 1:50,000. The units of feet should
> suffice for all the other zoom levels available ( down to 1:5,000).
> however for some reason the scalebar switches to units of "inches" at the
> scale of 1:24,000, then switches back to "feet" when zooming-in further ....
> unfortunately my app is not web accessible at this point, but my set-up is
> pretty much stock ms4w 2.2 with kamap 1.0.b1
> any ideas what is going on?
> sacha
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