[ka-Map-users] ka-Map directory structure

David Badke dbadke at uvic.ca
Thu Feb 2 18:55:36 EST 2006

Nope, not the problem! Thanks, anyway.


Delfos, Jacob wrote:
> Can I suggest the obvious first? Make sure your browser isn't caching
> anything it shouldn't be. By default, CSS and Javascript files are
> cached in most browsers. If you made changes to paths inside CSS and JS
> files, use SHIFT+refresh, or manually delete the content of your cache.
> Regards,
> Jacob
>> Because of an obsessive need for neatness, I tried to move ka-Map's 
>> various files into subdirectories under the root (kamap/htdocs/css, 
>> kamap/htdocs/script, etc.). I updated all link references to point to 
>> the new locations. The browser is clearly finding the files 
>> in the new 
>> locations (Firefox developer toolbar info displays can see them, at 
>> least), but nothing works. The CSS styles are not applied (or are 
>> applied inconsistently), much of the JavaScript doesn't 
>> execute, no maps 
>> display... ???? All I get is the toolbar and the toggle arrow 
>> buttons. 
>> If I run init.php directly, it spits out the usual (and correct) 
>> initialization stuff.
>> Is there some reason the .js and .css files have to be in the root?
>> David

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