[ka-Map-users] kaXmlOverlay not working..

Chris Tweedie Chris.Tweedie at dli.wa.gov.au
Sun Feb 5 19:40:16 EST 2006

Hey guys, just a headsup that I have done a quick article on my blog at
http://chris.narx.net which is based on PG's kaXMLOverlay code and my
previous routing article.

Unfortunately I don't have any time to extend the functionality to the
level I would of liked, so I hope I've inspired someone to keep working
on something similar.

Pg, I found a few quirks/problems with the current code (see comments at
end of article). Hopefully I get some time in the coming weeks to
suggest/help with some changes. 



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I've a couple of hints:

1. The XML is served with no mime type by your web server. It should
have a mime type "text/xml". Configure your server to associate ".xml"
files with the correct mime, or, if you generate the XML dynamically,
use a directive to set the mime type.
Look at the source code of the script used in my example:


2. The map shoul be initialized before the overlay get loaded: i
usually create the overlay in the KAMAP_MAP_INITIALIZED event handler.

- Pg

2006/2/2, harry at politistaten.dk <harry at politistaten.dk>:
> Seems like it - fixed. Only, now it can't load the XML file.
> "Error: xmlDocument has no properties
> Source: http://localhost/ka-map/htdocs/kaXmlOverlay.js
> Line: 160"
> I also tried the same script that
> http://sistel.dyndns.info/ka-map/indext.html uses for initializing -
> luck.
> > hi, it looks like you define init(), but never call it. or did i
just miss
> > that?
> >  -b
> >
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