[ka-Map-users] Best way to implement hover info windows

Ka Map kamap.enthusiast at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 18:27:56 EST 2006

Hi I have been having some frustrating issues trying to implement balloon /
bubble info windows triggered by onmouseover, and closes onclick to the
close button.
Unfortunately I can only provide screenshots (local server)
http://i1.tinypic.com/nbxfk0.jpg and

I have tried utilizing the createDrawingCanvas and addObjectGeo methods.
Briefly, the code (kindly view http://rafb.net/paste/results/Ggbs4j37.html )
process is:

0. drawMarkers declared inside myOnLoad() in startUp.js (addLoadEvent
doesn't seem to work with this)
1. createDrawingCanvas (div) for the balloon container. Balloon image is set
as background in CSS. Only one balloon is created.
2. create a marker based on the point parameter (temp array points[] see
code link)
3. attach onmouseover event handler for every marker to trigger
4. displayballoon's css display is set to "block" (to show up) If the
balloon has been displayed, and mouse hovers to a different marker, balloon
should update its X/Y position.
5. append a close button inside the balloon container
6. balloon disappears when user clicks X button

1. the apparently off position of the balloon and the close
button.initiallyi was able place it right above the yellow markers but
then the balloon's
close button was found pixels away to the left of the balloon.
2. not all buttons seem to respond with the onmouseover. im testing on
firefox only at the moment.

People at #kamap have been helpful and adviced that the hideBalloon() be
done using removeObject() but yet again, to no avail. Has there been any
similar projects that may resolve this? I appreciate any input coming from
you guys. Thanks and more power to all.

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