[ka-Map-users] kaXmlOverlay not working..

Pg pg.navone at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 16:20:59 EST 2006

Hi Chris,

thanks for your suggestions.

The use of a POST to avoid the URL length limitation was my first
idea, but I'm not been able to convince the browser using a POST in an
<img> tag.
I think this problem will be solved with an implementation based on
client side vector graphic.

The client side coordinates conversion is anoter headache. In my code
I tried to reduce the overhead introduced by the geo2pix conversion: I
use it only once (when the geometry get loaded) and than, on rescale,
I apply a scale factor at server side.
In any case remember that all that will work only using cartesian
coordinates (e.g. UTM) an not angular coordinates (latitude,

- Pg

2006/2/6, Chris Tweedie <Chris.Tweedie at dli.wa.gov.au>:
> Hey guys, just a headsup that I have done a quick article on my blog at
> http://chris.narx.net which is based on PG's kaXMLOverlay code and my
> previous routing article.
> Unfortunately I don't have any time to extend the functionality to the
> level I would of liked, so I hope I've inspired someone to keep working
> on something similar.
> Pg, I found a few quirks/problems with the current code (see comments at
> end of article). Hopefully I get some time in the coming weeks to
> suggest/help with some changes.
> Enjoy,
> Chris

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