[ka-Map-users] Street names on my maps

Brock Anderson banders at refractions.net
Wed Feb 8 13:28:44 EST 2006


The .shp and the .dbf files are tightly related, and Mapserver will read 
them both for the same layer.  You don't need a separate layer for the 
labels.  As Christian mentioned in a previous post, just put a LABEL 
block into your CLASS.  In order to tell mapserver which attribute from 
the .dbf file to use for road labelling, you also need a LABELITEM line 
in your LAYER.  Christian's example demonstrates these things.


Clark Endrizzi wrote:

>Ok, follow up question (again, sorry for asking here but thanks for the
>I'm not a mapper myself.
>Anyway, for my current shape file I have this defenition:
>    NAME slc_major_roads
>    DATA "utah_data/slco_major_roads_new.shp"
>    CLASS
>      NAME "SLC Major Roads"
>                STYLE
>                          SYMBOL "circle"
>                          SIZE 7
>                          COLOR 0 0 0
>                END
>                STYLE
>                    SYMBOL "circle"
>                    SIZE 5
>                    COLOR 255 255 0
>                END
>                #STYLE
>                #    SYMBOL "dashed"
>                #    SIZE 1
>                #    COLOR 0 0 0
>                #END
>    END
>  END
>The draws some nice yellow roads (look here to see it:
>THis shape file also has the dbf file that should have the labels.  So to
>get the labels showing would I create a second layer definition of type
>annotation or could I something do it within the existing layer defenition?
>On 2/8/06, Tim Schaub <tim.schaub at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hey Clark-
>>>Can anyone give me a heads up on how to do street names?
>>You can add LABEL objects to any CLASS object within any of your
>>layers.  In
>>ka-Map, if you want your annotation to show up on top of all other grouped
>>layers, you're best off creating a layer of TYPE ANNOTATION and putting
>>in a group on the bottom of your mapfile (last to draw).
>>I've pasted a sample annotation layer below.  This is from a roads
>>with a "SYMBOL" field that defines classes and a "NAME" field that

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