[ka-Map-users] Transparency and Layers

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Feb 25 12:03:47 EST 2006

line 255 of init.php sets up the call to map.setBackgroundColor which  
should set the background color of the viewport to the background  
color of the map file.

In tile.php, you should only hit that line of code if you are using  
groups or layers in the request.  I just realized that the way things  
are structured, this will always happen because the default  
_layer.setTile will append g=__base__ for these ungrouped layers.

One way to work around this would be in init.php and the other in  
tile.php.  In either case, the check would be to get all the group  
names from the map file and if there are none, then that either  
tile.php isn't called with g= OR tile.php makes the check part of the  
condition in the if statement.  Thinking about it, this last option  
is probably the easiest to do and won't have a big impact on  
performance since it only affects tile generation.

I'll file a bug with this email as reference



On 25-Feb-06, at 9:41 AM, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> We do not use GROUPs in out mapfiles and all layers are set to  
> DEFAULT, so our image end up in the "__base__" layer by default  
> which is fine, but there is a bug in tile.php line#215 sets the  
> transparency to MS_ON which results in all the background color  
> being eliminated from the tiles.
> Is init.php or some other mechanism supposed to pick up the map  
> background color and set the viewport background to this color?  
> That might be nice. What are other people doing to get the  
> background set?
> Thanks,
>   -Steve W.
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