[ka-Map-users] No tiles in CVS version?

Marc Pfister mpfister at enplan.com
Wed Jan 4 13:43:59 EST 2006

I just started experimenting with the CVS version. I'm using the map and
config.php from another Ka-Map project that works fine using the 0.1.1

At first, no tiles were being generated and the map would not initialize
- the legend and map picker would be blank. I then figured out that all
of the PHP scripts are looking for config.php in /include. So I fixed
that and now the map initializes - the legend is working and my mapfile
shows up in the option box. But the tiles aren't being generated. I
checked the tile cache and the folder structure has not even been

The Firefox javascript console reports errors in parsing the value for
the properties 'top', 'left', 'width', and 'height'. It will also
occasionally give me an error in kamap.js in line 936 - function not
defined. I've seen it more than once but can't force it to occur.

If I just load init.php I get this:

/*init*/aszScales=new Array(30000,15000,10000,5000,2500);var map = new
_map( 'cvsLidar', 'cvsLidar', 0, 1,
tBackgroundColor('rgb(204,204,204)');map.addLayer(new _layer(
'Transportation', true, 100, 'png',false, new Array(1,1,1,1,1)
));map.addLayer(new _layer( '__base__', true, 100, 'png',false, new
Array(1,1,1,1,1)));map.resolution = 72;this.addMap( map
);this.tileWidth=200;this.tileHeight=200;this.server =
'http://www.enplan.com/mapserver/kamap-cvs/';this.tileURL =

Katest.html gives me a blank map and all the dropdowns are empty. The
javascript console gives and error - call is not defined for line 696 of
kamap.js (call(szURL, this, this.initializeCallback);). Adding an
alertbox for szURL returns "init.php", which seems strange considering
the preceding code in kamap.js. 

Any ideas? 



Marc Pfister
mpfister at enplan.com
530/221-6963 Fax

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