[ka-Map-users] Image for keymap

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu Jan 5 14:40:38 EST 2006

A keymap/reference map can easily created by MapServer using shp2img- be sure to make note of the map extent used to create the map as that will become the value you'll use elsewhere. I typically pull a basic image created by MapServer into photoshop and make it look pretty there. You can change the size too, but not the aspect ratio (or the extent you used won't be valid anymore).


>>> "Eric Haflett" <ehaflett at computersoftwareinc.com> 01/05/06 1:20 PM >>>
We're switching our ka-Map to the new look and feel (very nice work) and
I want to use the keymap feature, something we haven't tried yet.  I
understand that the keymap image has to have an extent and a path
defined in the mapfile but how do I create the keymap image itself?  Is
it as simple as using the output from shp3img or is there more to it?



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