[ka-Map-users] recent cvs updates

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jan 5 17:47:08 EST 2006


I've committed a bunch of changes to ka-Map to add Tim Schaub's  
really cool scalebar into the interface.  Unfortunately it didn't  
play nicely with the existing css so I took some time today to adjust  
the layout a little bit.  In the process I may have broken some  
stuff, but it seems to be working fine for me in Safari, ffox and IE  
(although I still have the problem with IE refresh?).

I've moved a couple of things around and changed some of the styling  
(mostly as I was experimenting with stuff) and positioning.  It  
shouldn't be drastically different, but the keymap moved to the top  
right (under the toolbar) with a separate toggle and the scalebar  
moved to the reference section.

I've also converted almost all the images to png.  There may be a  
couple more to work on.  For those who want to use ka-Map with IE and  
have transparent PNGs, I've included a version of pngHack in the  
sample app.  To use it, simply create an image tag as usual and add a  
class="png24" ... only caveat is that you need to have a width and  
height on the image.  Also, there are limitations ...

How it works:

in screen.css is a class for img.png24 that executes a javascript  
function (only supported by IE) that replaces the src of the image  
with images/a_pixel.gif and creates the appropriate filter to load  
the png.  The function is in startUp.js.

So once the image has been 'hacked', you can no longer just change  
the src (to do a mouseover for instance), you will need to detect IE  
somehow (perhaps look for a_pixel.gif in the src) and change the  
filter instead.

Also, it doesn't work for background-image images ... either manually  
or with the hack :)

If this version proves reasonably good over the next few days, I'm  
going to cut a release ... I have a couple of small bugs to look into  



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