[ka-Map-users] recent cvs updates

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Jan 5 19:58:45 EST 2006

What a week!

I love Tim Scalebar, it is important and well done.

Amazing Andrea script, I'm quite jealous about it.

Great choice Paul.
I Hope to help with first tests:

1) zoom in, zoom out, navigate and query button not visible.
you've cut away the code, maybe you prefer html buttons.  I've read in 
the comment you want to back to select to change zoom factor. Is it 

2) Reference toggler dosn't move after click while header one does 
(Safari and Firefox).

3) map selector doesn't work anymore.

4) why not to put the keymap bottom left?

5) keymap D&D doesn't work anymore while double click does  (Safari and 

Let me know if I can help some way.


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