[ka-Map-users] recent cvs updates

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jan 5 23:19:19 EST 2006


thanks for taking a look so quickly ...

On 5-Jan-06, at 7:58 PM, Lorenzo Becchi wrote:

> What a week!
> I love Tim Scalebar, it is important and well done.
> Amazing Andrea script, I'm quite jealous about it.
> :-D
> Great choice Paul.
> I Hope to help with first tests:
> 1) zoom in, zoom out, navigate and query button not visible.
> you've cut away the code, maybe you prefer html buttons.  I've read  
> in the comment you want to back to select to change zoom factor. Is  
> it right?

I missed committing a new css file that provides the images.  I'm  
toying with a technique our web designer has developed for fully  
controlling presentation through css.  In this case, you can use a  
transparent pixel as the image source and use css to control both  
size and background-image ... pretty cool, no need to change html to  
re-skin.  New file is in cvs now (tools.css)

> 2) Reference toggler dosn't move after click while header one does  
> (Safari and Firefox).

right, I noticed that too.  Not sure why not, I'll have to dig into it.

> 3) map selector doesn't work anymore.

for some reason, aMaps is coming back as an empty list.  Perhaps I  
broke something in ka-map, will dig into it.

> 4) why not to put the keymap bottom left?


> 5) keymap D&D doesn't work anymore while double click does  (Safari  
> and Firefox).

ok.  Wasn't sure if I broke something here or not.  It actually  
wasn't working for me before I started changing things.  It would  
help if you could figure out what's wrong here :)



> Let me know if I can help some way.
> ciao
> Lorenzo
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