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Marc Pfister mpfister at enplan.com
Thu Jan 5 20:42:03 EST 2006

What influences the order of the group layers? I have a map with a base
raster layer, a parcel base, and several annotation layers for roads and
POIs. The parcel base is the only layer that has a group defined. All
the others end up in the base layer. The problem I'm running into is
that the parcels are drawn underneath the base layer for some reason.
What's even stranger is that I can move the parcel layer under the base
layer, which normally isn't allowed. But if I try to move it back on top
of the base layer, then it gives me the warning that "this layer can't
go behind base element.


Though looking at maps.timberline.ca ka-map, It seems like the Landsat
image, which is the bottom layer, is listed first in the layer order,
which while it makes sense from a mapfile standpoint, goes against
common sense and most GIS conventions.


Also, I can move my parcel layer on top of the +- Layers box, which
shouldn't happen.



This is with today's CVS version, on Firefox.



Marc Pfister
mpfister at enplan.com
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