[ka-Map-users] Current CVS bug with scalebar auto ranging

Tim Schaub tim at commenspace.org
Fri Jan 6 14:04:23 EST 2006

> I change the scalebar to "english" and at 1:50M it is 
> displaying in FEET and as I zoom in if changes to MILES. 
> Looks like the units selection is reversed.

I let Paul know that an old version of the scalebar.js made it in to
CVS.  The old one had a tendency to display very large numbers of feet
or centimeters.  It looks to me like the latest version has not made it
into CVS yet.  You should be able to confirm that it has been updated by
looking for v1.2 in scalebar.js.  Alternatively, you can download the
zip archive at http://mapserver.commenspace.org/tools/scalebar/ - note
that you'll have to change a few things in startUp.js as well (change
myScalebar.minPixelLength to myScalebar.minWidth and
myScalebar.maxPixelLength to myScalebar.maxWidth).


> -Steve
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