[ka-Map-users] KaLegend tweak

Marc Pfister mpfister at enplan.com
Fri Jan 6 19:49:31 EST 2006

A few small fixes to fix the endpoints of the layer movement:



Line 540:  if(lowerLayer && lowerLayer.id!='__base__'){


Line 589:  if(upperLayer && upperDiv.className!='kaLegendTitle'){


I might be off by a line number or two.


This keeps the layers from moving up past the title or underneath the
base layer.


I'm new to DHMTL and AJAX stuff so I'll leave it to those who really
know what they're doing to verify it and commit to the CVS.


Marc Pfister
mpfister at enplan.com
530/221-6963 Fax

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