[ka-Map-users] Re: Layers in reverse order

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Sun Jan 8 18:32:54 EST 2006


I like the idea of having different applications use the same mapfile.
That is what I'm currently doing as well. The Ka-Map site I run is
"lighter", with more groups rather than individual layers, to keep
performance up.

I think it may also be beneficial to make more use of metadata for
Ka-Map config. I use metadata to tell the application which layers are
searchable, or which imageformat to use. It could perhaps be used to
override mapserver groups, although this would complicate things.

I think the __base__ layer is confusing, and it may be better off to
instead have ungrouped layers appear separate. At least this is
intuitive to new users, and in line with what Mapserver does. If any
layer in a group has status default, or status ON, then that group
should be displayed on startup.



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> It's a good point to debate.
> I guess that it would be nice to everybody trying Kamap for the first 
> time and avoid a black screen once they try to set it up over their 
> existing mapserver applications.
> The idea to put more parameter in the mapfile is good as leave the 
> config file simple.
> But, on the other side, it means that a "normal" map file will not be 
> useful to a kamap setup.
> Personally I prefer to put some more hacks, well explained, in the 
> config file and leave the mapfile alone.  At least we could 
> decide what 
> layers are in groups in the config file.
> In any case who use kamap has to learn how to tell the system to use 
> kamap features. I would like to manage everything from the 
> config file. 
> It would be simple for debug too.
> A possible scenario, as example, would permit to create two (or more) 
> different kamap implementation starting from the same data 
> and mapfile 
> and offer different projections (thinking on Andrea world map).
> that's just my opinion
> ciao
> Lorenzo
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