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Brent Pedersen bpederse at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 20:56:22 EST 2006

the new updates to kaMap are looking great, thanks all!

the main issue i hear from users of kaMap is that it's not intuitive to
switch between navigate and query mode (darned google maps!).
so i added a check in kaNavigator.  if the mouseup event occurs near a
mousedown event (within 3 pixels, but easily changed), assume its a query,
and send the coords to the myQuery function. else the mouseup and mousedown
events are far apart, it must be a drag, so carry on as usual.
obviously this only works for point queries, but it avoids turning
kaNavigator on and off to do simple queries.

it only requires one extra line in startUp.js:


where myQuery is the function that is called if the mouseup/down are near.
if that function is not called or it is recalled with 0, the kaMap
navigation will behave as before.

a working example (with the default alert() in myQuery) and the modified
kaTool.js are currently at:


may be useful.
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