[ka-Map-users] dynamic route display

Jie Yan yanj at ict.ac.cn
Wed Jan 11 20:46:16 EST 2006

I wanna implement the function of displying route dynamically.
It seems that VML objects cann't display in Firefox during my experiment,
but we can find out that the Google Map's "direction" functions go well in
Firefox, doesn't it use VML?
Now I use Pg's idea for reference, combining setTimeout +
wz_jsgraphics.fillPolygon + kaMap.addObjectGeo + xmlrouteget.php to
implement the function simply. I just disply route by dynamic point, and
clear the route on demand.
I can't show my result to you, because I have no public IP. If someone is
interested, I can send code files to him.
Best regards.

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