[ka-Map-users] dynamic route display

Pg pg.navone at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 18:37:20 EST 2006

It's slow and heavy, not only in Safari :-(
I'm not sure if it's due to the large amount of <div> generateb by
wz_jgraphics, or to the periodic XML parsing and related coordinates
convertions, or to the extensive use of transpareces.

And dulcis in fundo it's not working so well on IE...

In any case I thik this way is good to plot few points, labels, icons.
To draw complex features I'm looking to the other solutions soggested
by Paul.

- Server side images are not affordable for "big" features, that
zoominig in can produce very big images (and I'd like avoid tiling
that images).

- SVG seems to be a good idea (at least for Mozilla family), but it
should be generated on the server in screen coordinates. I will do
some experiments soon.


2006/1/13, Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>:
> Piergiorgio, ottimo lavoro, come sempre.
> It works great with Firefox but it is strangely "heavy" with Safari.
> Each time I try to pan the map it takes a lot to move the map.
> Any idea?
> ciao
> Lorenzo
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