[ka-Map-users] Colour mismatch

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Jan 17 22:21:05 EST 2006


I've seen this behaviour in mapserver when the output format is 8 bit  
but the inputs are a higher colour resolution.  I think what happens  
is raster data can fill the colour table of the 8bit image and cause  
wildly inaccurate colours to appear.

Is it possible that you have jpeg or png24 selected in your map file,  
but png or gif in the ka-map config.php entry for this map file?  ka- 
map will override the mapfile output format.



On 17-Jan-06, at 7:25 PM, Delfos, Jacob wrote:

> Harry,
> In the 'distorted' image, I notice that some labels actually appear to
> be ok, and some not. Almost as if some of the tiles were created by a
> different version of Mapserver. I have had similar colour distortions
> once, to do with a DLL that was overwritten with an older one  
> somewhere.
> Is there any chance that the distorted tiles were created with a
> slightly different version of php_mapscript (or related DLL), such  
> that
> all you'd need to do is re-generate the distorted tiles using the  
> latest
> version of php_mapscript?
> Are those labels in a separate layer, and if so, what kind of image
> format do you use?
> Regards,
> Jacob
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>> Hello.
>> ka-Map somehow distorts some of the colours on my map. Take a
>> look at this
>> image:
>> http://politistaten.dk/billeder/mapserver/farveproblem.JPG
>> The one at the left is from ka-Map, the one at the right is the
>> TIFF/Mapserver one. It is easiest to see at the roads/road labels.
>> My mapfile is located at
>> http://politistaten.dk/billeder/mapserver/global.txt
>> Thanks, Harry
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